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Update by user Dec 09, 2020

This is NOT resolved, though it shows here as "Resolved."Also, I've tried several times to add a screenshot of the payment confirmation, but it doesn't show up after I upload.

Update by user Dec 09, 2020

No manager has contacted me.Repeated email requests to cancel PRIOR to shipment have resulted in the same boiler plate language about the hat being in production. The actual merchandise: hat, or the affixing of a logo (the only "production") has NEVER been mentioned.

I'm interacting with robobts.Also, I have been unable to get a reply to my request for the name and address of its registered agent. I don't believe my emails are actually read.Further, I have unable to find this business at the Better Business Bureau. One listing comes up with an address in Los Angeles and a phone number. I called the number and spoke with a man who said I was calling "ooshirts." He said something about sharing a name with Tee Chip, but it didn't make sense.

He directed me to the Tee Chip website and its support -- but that's where I've interacted with Tee Chip all along. In short, it's about impossible to figure out who Tee Chip really is.

Original review posted by user Dec 07, 2020

NO, NO, and NO. No for the merchandise -- thought it was an official Seattle Kraken knit beanie.

No for the price: For over $25 you just get a generic knit beanie with a logo slapped on it. I don't have it yet -- and I don't want it. No for the service. TeeChip takes your money FAST, and will NOT give it back.

Sad, sad business and I want to warn the world.

So, my spouse ordered the hat for our son, thinking it was an NHL authorized hat. He ordered the hat just before close of the merchant's business on a Friday. Small print, that he didn't see, said shipping in "5 to 15 business day." It also said in time for Christmas. So that alone is confusing.

Sunday evening, as soon as I learned he'd ordered the hat, I checked it out, realized it's not a team authorized seller, not an official hat. Only option (business closed) was its official email. I sent an email to cancel. In the reply to that email, saying can't cancel, "in production," was an even LATER "expected" shipping date: Dec.

29, outside the 15 business day window. I tried to cancel on that basis. Nope, same "in production."

What? A hat you affix a logo to, and that you can't guarantee will be shipped out before 25 days AFTER ordering it, is too far into production to cancel?

Uh, you get the idea.

Then, after 2 different online chats, I tried to select the unhappy emoji. You can't. You get an error. Over and over.

Whether you comment long or short, or leave no comment, you are barred from submitting feedback. See screenshot example.

I learned there's a Facebook group dedicated to disliking this business:****79102 D

User's recommendation: Stay away. So many others to choose from for the same stuff.

Monetary Loss: $29.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

TeeChip Cons: Hard to contact, Screwing over the customer, Misleads uses word officially to confuse as official items.

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Additional information: Tee Chip was not found at the Better Business Bureau: Explanation: On the site I found only one listing for Tee Chip, with a P.O.

Box only, based in Los Angeles. I called the 800 number and reached a person who told me the number I dialed is for "ooshirts" which I then found as The person I spoke was instantly familiar with Tee Chip and said something about sharing a name. He directed me to (where I've been many times, and where it is NOT possible to speak with a person; only chat from 9 to 5 CST or send an email).

On the Tee Chip website it lists its address as one one in Indianapolis and has the same phone number as the one on its website (computer voice with no choice to speak to a representative). This Tee Chip business seems to hide behind various barricades.

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