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Many months later, seemingly out of nowhere, Teechip fulfilled my order. It's ill-fitting, but arrived. I cannot discourage people enough to avoid buying anything from this company, regardless of the fact that I finally received my order due to their unprofessional manner of operating, inability to keep up with orders (for whatever reason), and due to the questionable quality of the merchandise they send those few whose orders are fulfilled.

Original review posted by user Nov 19, 2015

Hi everyone, I have a very familiar story: paid for product (advertised on Facebook even), did not receive product, have been refused a refund or product by a representative of Teechip, etc. I made a formal dispute with my bank and they told me that this company is a known problem, they get numerous dispute claims a day - one agent alone!

I think the only way to stop this company is by a class action lawsuit. I am starting to look for an interested attorney - shouldn't be hard with all of these unresolved cases of money being stolen and goods not being delivered. Please let me know if you'd like to participate.

And if not, PLEASE report this to the Better Business Bureau and your banks/credit card companies...the number of complaints formally made will hopefully help prevent them from continuing to steal people's money.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $29.

I didn't like: Scam, List their products on facebook, Customer service, No response from teechip.

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Products are very bad quality and no returns, even if they arrived 2 weeks late for an event. Horrible customer service.


email me at

I would like to join you.

to Anonymous #1087901

Good news/bad news....they decided to fulfill my order many months later. It doesn't fit very well but I can no longer be part of any legal action taken against them at this point.

I suggest others continue to report them to the better business bureau and consumer advocacy groups.

to Teed-OFF #1620787

Is there an address for this BS company that we can use when filing a complaint with the BBB? I can be reached at Thanks Joel


Please take my email address.

I would consider joining you in the class action lawsuit.

Had horrible experience with this company. Never received the order.

All they did was give me the run around.

Little Rock, Arkansas, United States #1071723

I'm in.


I had the same idea ,,,,willing to join forces to shut them down

to Anonymous #1626915

Filing a complaint with the F.C.C. This transaction was conducted via the internet. Any fraudulent conduct by the vendor can be considered as "Wire Fraud" which is a federal crime and carries a very stiff penalty per incident.

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