this place is unfit for a dog to work here....try be an employee here

this place has rats boxes in every corner..there are rats that runs wild in this place. the restrooms are like outhouses with big holes in the

walls. with rats traps in ever corner. i remember serveral customers said they had holes in there shirts what a laugh..they came from the rats that are hungry and are eating there shirts. the orders are made

in the back of the place that is a sweat shop for the mexicans to work

100 degree heat so they use the shirts to wipe there face hands and

*** with. this place should be shut down for unhealthy health volications.. if you are worderning where they are located at in indianpolis, in... on the eastside of town in lawrence. 7800 records street...these cheap punks will not get a decent office for anybody to work in. then there are mouses runiing around also you are a fool if you order from them

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Order 2 shirts took money and a month to send one t-shirt of too sonia


It's Leander ***: do not order with this company!!

They do not answer your emails and will not give you your money back if your order is too big/small


I placed an order of to sleeveless shirts one blue one black with a Jeep decal on the front with a reference number 237 d b16832 and I received the black shirt only with no information on the other shirt that I already purchased no contact information was sent nothing but they certainly had no problem taking my money for both shirts.

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