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Update by user Aug 14, 2015

Sorry for the delay in updating. Fortunately, TeeChip did refund the money to my PayPal account. However, it took another email to escalations and three weeks to have my money returned.

Update by user Jun 02, 2015

After finally finding someone to submit a claim on my behalf, I was contacted by a woman from the escalations department who offered a full refund (after blaming their carrier, DHL). Here is the contact information which was attached to the email:

Escalations Department




Hopefully, this will help others contact the company to resolve the issues that they are having. Best of luck!

Update by user May 03, 2015

This is what I found about the company on the BBB website:


aka ooShirts Inc.

41454 Christy St.

Fremont, CA 94538

Original review posted by user May 03, 2015

TeeChip, and others like it (such as TeeFury), appear on one's Facebook wall, to sell t-shirts and other custom merchandise in a "campaign" format. In early April 2015, I purchased a t-shirt featured by one of their campaigns...and, boy, am I sorry that I did!

The t-shirt was confirmed as being ordered on April 11, the same day that $25.98 was withdrawn from my PayPal account. The advertisement claimed that the item would ship via DHL on April 16, at the end of the campaign. Surely enough, on April 16, I received an email that my item had been shipped- along with a DHL tracking number. This number, however, was not found in the carrier's system.

When I clicked the link for tracking, directly from my order page, it took me to a DHL page which stated that electronic shipping information had been received. This message did not change for 10 consecutive days. At this point, the t-shirt (which had been purchased as a gift) was no longer needed and I contacted the company to request a refund. I received no reply, whatsoever, to my email.

A phone call was also pointless. On April 29, I checked the tracking information and saw that it had been updated to state that my item was en route to DHL eCommerce.

I checked, daily, for updates only to find the same message with the CURRENT DATE!

Though I have probably lost my money, I just wanted to let everyone to know that they should avoid these companies.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $26.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Necklaces Your order should arrive within 5 to 10 business days. Upon shipment, you will receive an email with your tracking number. August 15,2018 Order Details 2 × MY DAUGHTER - MOM - Metallic Heart Necklace (M, White) $59.90 Subtotal $59.90 Shipping $7.97 Total $67.87 I am in total shock that this is not token care of


What I’m trying to figure out is...how is this company still scamming 3 years later..why hasn’t it been shut down yet?...i still have received a confirmation email...or the shirt...phone number is bogus...i will be contacting PayPal today!!


I ordered 3 bracelets @$29.99, and AFTER confirming my order, a message popped ut telling me that I could get those bracelets for $5.00 less. I wrote to them to just cancel my order. They could have just credited me the $15.00, and I would not have cancelled my order.


I know who this *** bag isHis name is Les HendlerHis number is 917-709-3519 cellHome 914-428-4139914-494-6106.Call him out on his scam, he's the worst person I have ever had to deal with

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada #1330932

This company is stealing artwork from original artists and removing watermarks and copyright information and selling items as custom artwork without paying artists, giving credit, or having their permission to use their work. Not to mention the hundreds of complaints about them making multiple unauthorized charges on buyers' credit cards.

It's a ghost company, so no contact information given on their site leads to actual interaction with a company representative. Stay far, far, far away.

Oregon City, Oregon, United States #1317944

Paid for three hooded sweatshirts in January. Still have not rec'd them!!

They took over $100 off my card and I can not get ahold of anyone on their website or e-mail. It sx.

Do not order from this company!!! I am now taking all this info to the bank so I can get my money back.


I am having the same problem right now . Hoping when zip contact my bank and visa they can reverse it

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #1315812

I had the same experience. Do not use this company.

I surely never will again.

Very unsatisfied and stuck will a product I cannot use with no return or exchange available.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1314294

on march 25.2017 I order a wonder woman tee shirt from this company,,they took my money the same day,,never heard a thing from them yet. tried calling them but cannt get through because they want a tracking number,,witch I never received ,,email them ,,still ne answer..I guess Im out my money,,but how do we stop them..I contacted FaceBook about them but never heard from them either...


I want to know where the *** is mt shirt. I have given you enough time to replace my order.

I will give you one more week then i'm going to get legal help to fix this. This is my email address and my address to send my shirt.

timothyberry55@yahoo.com Timothy Berry 639 Brookmeade Drive Apt 225 Crestview, Fl 32539 Now you have all the info you need to get me my shirt. Tim


I ordered 2 coffee cups from TeeChip that had a black lab on it, On Facebook you could see the dog real well on a black cup, but the ones I got you couldn't tell where the *** dog was. I was really disppointment in these, seeings how they were gifts.

Mountain View, California, United States #1280320

I have order 2 tee shirt never received I would like a full refund I will never order again from this company. Tyreese Pate order number 31423071 the date of my order was 1-23-17

New Britain, Connecticut, United States #1275557

Have had a problem with TeeChip also. I received my tshirt but it was too small.

Although it was labeled as LARGE, it was no where close to a Large.....way too tight. Contacted the company MANY times...it was updated to "escalation" after I sent in pictures showing the difference compared to other Large Tshirts, but I never received another word from them. Also contacted PayPal about this and they filed a "dispute" but as of yet have not heard anything back.

Will NEVER do business with this company again. Be warned!

San Francisco, California, United States #1268964

Today is my first day trying to contact them. I sent an email as it was too late to call since they are EST and I am PST.

I will call tomorrow.

I hope I do not have a bad experience as some of the others have had.

I spent $100.00 on 2 hooded sweatshirts....one for me and one for my brother.

I am very worried.......



So, I ordered a shirt with a campaign that ended on 11/2/16 and a ship date of 11/9/16. It is now 11/29/16 and the order is still being printed...I have called the company 3 times only to be on hold with no answer for 13, 17, and 25 minutes. I have sent a total of 5 emails with no response...2 auto "where is my order" with a prompt "good news...you order is being printed"...a week apart...I have sent an email to the above escalation address and will call this afternoon...as of now I have not heard anything from this company but they sure did get my $46 really fast...next step small claims over the principle of the matter if nothing else...

Paradise, California, United States #1241784

I've never had a problem ordering from any of the companies that advertise on FB except Sammy and Teechip. Thank goodness for PayPal!!!

They always make it right! Sorry others had problems with this company as well.

Webster, New York, United States #1239925

We should all contact the BBB,

Webster, New York, United States #1239921

I agree ordered Halloween T shirt was to receive Oct 28th. Got Nov 10th.

Four emails telling them of my displeasure with them only to be told domestic orders took one week, others three. I ordered Oct 15th live in NY. Got email on Oct 23rd saying it's tracked check number. Tracking number had it delivered Oct 21 .

Emailed telling them this was poor business. They tried to blame me!!! Wow awesome company. Cant wait to buy another overpriced tee.

Yup. Will be the third Tuesday of this week ill order my next tee

Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States #1231814

I also have been scammed by teechip - they say my shirt was delivered but it never arrived. I've tried and tried to get them to send me the shirt and they don't do anything.

Rochester, New York, United States #1228117

I ordered a t-shirt which I never received. I received an e-mail that order 160065513 was shipped.

I have been told this is an invalid order number. My e-mails come back as invalid. I get hung up on when I call the number given me.

I am having the same problems as others and consider this as a scam. I don't know what your terms of service are.

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