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First off, if you are reading this after seeing their advertisement and then thinking about ordering from this company: DON’T DO IT!!!! Look at the various scam and review sites for the thousands of complaints regarding their poor quality, shipping, and customer service. On the other hand, if, like me, you saw a shirt then ordered it do not despair as you can get a full refund too if you are persistent against these scam artists.

Like most people after I ordered the shirt I was given an expected shipping date that was then delayed….and delayed…..and delayed. Finally the shirt arrived over a month later than they said it would be at my door. They shouldn’t have bothered printing it as the image was so blurry I could not even tell what it was supposed to be. After emailing them several times at support@teechip.com I finally got a response that I needed to contact escalations@teechip.com, which I did but with no response. I waited two days then sent another email and started looking at the online reviews. At this point I filed a complaint with the BBB (www.BBB.org) that they still have not responded to. I then filed a complaint against them with Paypal since I used them to process the payment (Paypal eventually sided with the company even after I provided photos of the tshirt with the complaint about the quality.)

Still, teechip kept BSing around. Over the next couple of weeks I received 1 more email asking for a photo of the shirt, which I sent. No response for 2 more weeks then I received an email from another escalations rep explaining that the picture was blurry and I needed to send them another photo showing the problem with the shirt. UMMM, what?!?!?!?! If they couldn’t even tell what the shirt was supposed to be in the photo with a solid background behind it doesn’t that prove the problem with the shirt?

At this point I filed complaints with the FTC, FCC (since they were using the net to pull their scam off), my state attorney general’s office, and my state senators office. I got various degrees of promises to look into the site so I finally contacted a lawyer, advising of the thousands of complaints against this company. At this point I will also note that I was sending 2-3 emails a day to both the above email addresses. I had already attempted calling several times but their wait was over a hour and the 2 times I could wait I was hung up on (1-866-251-0432). I met with the lawyer, got the facts about a possible class action suit against the company and included the info in my last email to them. Suddenly, I had a FULL refund along with an email apologizing about the quality of the shirt. I am still writing reviews on different websites about them.

It will take effort but if you are persistent you too get a full refund for the *** they are producing. Even better, if the FTC or our elected officials receive enough complaints action might be taken against the company that will result in them being shut down.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $28.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Defective, Blurry print.

  • Bruce Campbell Tshirt
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Together we can overcome.


I wish that I had seen this review before I ordered two shirts!! Both arrived very blurry and poor quality of the print compared to the pictures that convince you to order.

I received one shirt in the size 2xl when a large was ordered. Very dissatisfied and I will be bugging the *** out of them until I get my refund!!!!!


Too late for me, as I've already received two pieces of extremely shoddy product. Their return process is a joke....no where on the shipping or PayPal site is there an Order #, which is apparently the only way to start a return. Their Customer Service number is not in operation.Guess I'll start down that long road as described in this review.


Do not use this Teechip *** show for nothing. Charged for a bigger size Rocky poster.

Sent smaller total different Rocky poster. No bill of sell sent with it. Total rip off total scam. I will seek further action no matter the cost, due to the overall principle of the matter.


to Doug Hood #1468763

How do we go about getting our money back? They sent me a hollow tube and the post office claims it was closed.

Teechip is impossible to get ahold of. I will be pressing charges


I need a return slip to send back the Tshirt I bought from Tee Chip.The size and cut don't fit me and I just want a refund rather than risk gettingthe size again.


Honestly paid 22$ for a at best $2 poster.

*** weak.

Never again.


Wow!! You go!

This company is a joke! I am impressed and I applaud your determination!

I am fighting for a refund at the moment. Pray for me

to Julie #1461165

Julie did you get a refund? I am wanting one.

They just took my money and I have nothing. I have made a complaint with PayPal.


I also contacted Facebook, who they advertised with.. no response from them either!!!


I’ve been trying to contact the company... R.I.P.

offs... ordered two posters.. complete garbage.. cannot get through..

no invoice number... was charged 53.88.


Its impossible to contact teechip the number they have online it dont workemails wont go through i was charged 3times one item


This is insane - why this people can still cheat so many and have they business still operating (after a year from this post)!!!

Is anyone here currently dealing with them - I'm willing to join the lawsuit - maybe if we gather enough cheated customers together they will have to refund our money or at least someone order to close that company. Please email me on: karolina@talk21.com if you have some clues how I can reimburse my money from that thieves.

I've ordered their jumper (to Europe, waited 1 month to receive it, which I kind of understand because of a shipment from US to Europe) but the print is so blurry that you can barely say what's printed on it exactly - really poor quality, not to mention the fabrics.

This meant to be a present for my hubby but it's only good enough to clean the floor with it!!! Haven't checked that company because my husband tag them and didn't think that is so untrustworthy company.

I got a lesson. Really disappointed!!!


Have joined the masses by dealing with teechip and ooshirts/bad mojo from both tshirt companies.....

tbh from where I stand these stand alone A**hats companies are the neo/new *** petty thieves and felons. Banks and CC wont seek reimbursement from them as its too costly and county DA's and (states) SA's wont prosecute for amounts so low.

=====S T I C K W I T H AMAZON *etc* F O R Y O U R e-PURCHASES ======

at least their refund and exchange policies are legit and we won't fund brazen thiefs.


DO NOT order from these people. I got screwed over.

The customer service phone number is fake. You need an 8 digit order number when my number has 10 digits. You press 0 and it says "phone service unavailable".

Emailing them was a joke. They do not read it, just copy and paste some response.

Screw these people.

I wish I could do something to hurt their company. What a scam.


I assumed the woman's sweatshirt was in women's sizes. Nope!

The package has no sales information or means of return. Sorry so many have had bad experiences.

I'll remember to google any company before I order anything.




I got two tee shirts and the material is awful. Too itchy to wear.

I've tried calling, email , only to have the box "unavailable ". Phone recordings that lead nowhere. I want my refund!!!!!

I want to talk to a person, but there is no "real" phone!!! I'm PISSED!

Titusville, Florida, United States #1328057

Definitely a scam! Stole $53 dollars from me.

I ordered two shirts from them almost two months ago and says my order was shipped but never was! And they don't respond to emails and the phone number is no good.

Bay City, Michigan, United States #1325090

I agree with everything I am having a lot of trouble with them on my order too and no one answers the phones. I'm out a lot of money right now. Contacting my visa to help

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